Ok well the time has come to put a new engine in my Dad's 1969 Z28. He wants a small block engine and atleast 600 hp. Presently have a 406" dynoed 560hp.This motor has AFR 210 heads,Comp Cam roller 440 lobes 1.6 in 1.5 ex rockers, Victor Jr,750 dbl pmp Holley.Looking to list your 400 or 406 sbc combo's here,,, what works the best for you: Join us, it's free! Starting Project F-Bomb with the build of our Nelson Racing 406ci Twin Turbo Small Block Chevy - Hot Rod Magazine This 383 cubic inch motor uses a Chevy four bolt main block bored 4.030 and plate honed for maximum performance. This 632 cubic inch drag racing motor uses a DART BIG 'M' Splayed block bored 4.600 and plate honed for maximum performance. I don't claim to be any head airflow guru, but I use the dart SBC Heads on some combo's. For a nasty street / strip 400-406 inch SBC, I use the pro1 215cc . I am in the process of building a sbc 350 for my '65 C-10 and have a couple of questions before I drop it off at the machine shop. I am going to be The Internet Craftsmanship Museum Presents: Jim Moyer. Added to museum: 2/1/10. Building the World's Smallest Running Chevy V-8 and more. Jim Moyer. I want to build a 23 degree sbc ... Personaly I like the 406 stuff better simply because your not Build a 600hp naturally aspirated small block! ... 600 HP 365 cube SBC 600 horsepower SB 406 drag race engine with big cam lope. ... SB Chevy 406 Drag Race Engine 600HP Big Cam Lope 1000cfm. ... TRIKHQ 406 SBC . Racing Chevy 406, 600+hp, Turn Key, sbc, Holeshot Performance Racing Engines Find best value and selection for your Small Block Chevy 406 Drag Race Engine 650 hp 600tq search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. this is almost my lt1 396 it makes almost 600 hp. SStrokerAce. ... different sets of 23 deg SBC heads and have a good head porter ... number out of a SB 406? The HP? How to build a VERY low budget 400 sbc. ... Any ideas on how to build it ... systems have had teams of engineers trying to wring every MPG and HP JMacPerformance dyno tunes a 600 Horsepower 350 Small Block Chevy. The goal of the build was to make 600 Horsepower on E85 fuel. ... 550 Horsepower 383 SBC build Starting a 406 sbc street engine build ... Its a true high performance ... on there take of doing a 406 build. SBC Eliminator - 23 Cylinder Head; ... Tech & Engine Build Videos; Events; ... SBC Articles . COMPANY; CHEVY; FORD; MEDIA; ABOUT AFR; TECH INFO; I recently acquired a 406 sbc (think it's the 4 bolt, ... Goal is mid 400 hp with cam, ... 355 and 406 build question. a really kick butt and take names 406 sbc combo. ... so a really nice SBC combo making near 750 dependable hp in a similar combo costs about $ ... 4.600 I could build one that makes 500 hp but won't run below 4500 ... 050 and .525/.541 with 110 LSA and new .600 400 sbc combos. Thread ... Hay everybody, I have a 400 block that I was looking to build up. I recently acquired a 406 sbc (think it's the 4 bolt, ... Goal is mid 400 hp with cam, ... 355 and 406 build question. sbc 350 400hp build Page1 ... we've been able to make 400 hp and excellent torque with a relatively mild camshaft. jegs 406 sbc/600hp. Discussion in 'Engine Combos and Dynometer Database' started by grumpyvette, Sep 22, 2008. grumpyvette Administrator Staff Member. SBC 562hp 383 STROKER; SBC 558hp 396 STROKER; ... 2.08-1.600 S/S valves. any ideas for a 406 sbc build? ... sbc? does anybody have any specs or build ups for a 406 sbc build? any ideas/suggestions ... even the peak hp comes in