Update your Netflix account to bill your new credit card each month. How do I change my billing credit card on Netflix? I want to make a new account using the same credit card and different email. Reply. ... Get Unlimited Free Trial Subscriptions to Netflix, ... Netflix knows if the credit card has been on ... if they detect the same IP. Can i make a new account and use the same card for free trial? How To: Get Free Netflix ... you can purchase them and get free Netflix for two ... the issuer and it asks you for the credit card number. Best Answer: Yes, you can use the same credit card for two different Netflix accounts. Can I use the same credit/debit card for two different accounts? Netflix is a monthly service that will automatically charge you every month on the date you signed up. Update your credit card rewards preferences to deposit your rewards to your new checking account. As you can see, there are different approaches as to how you can get Netflix without any credit card use. Act quickly if your debit card is charged twice. This can work just fine if you wish to profit from the free trial of Netflix (that can extend up to 30 days), and be sure not to pay any monetary fee for the renewal of your subscription. How to Get Netflix For Free. and i know first hand a lot of these work. I use one and rent at least twice a week. If your billing date is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a given month, you'll be charged on the last day of that month instead. Heres how to get Netflix for free, ... Do you know of similar rewards credit cards and accounts that could help you use the same strategy at other banks? ... Can you use a prepaid credit card for netflix? If you decide Netflix isn't for you - no problem. When you apply a free trial, Netflix asks your credit card or Paypal even they don't charge you for free trial (technically they do authorize a small amount on your card during signup though). RE: netflix prepaid card? all the free redbox codes you could want in one place. No commitment. ... Clearly the same thing had happened to them. Netflix Not Accepting Pre-paid Cards ... cards don't build credit. Can i use my walmart credit card for redbox? Once youve got your credit card in hand and your checking account open, youre ready to roll: If you havent already, sign up for Netflix. If you use a different credit card and email address each time, ... You can just use an iTunes gift card for that. Same thing just happened to me! At NerdWallet, we thoroughly ... You may want to reapply for that same travel credit card that treated you so well during your younger globetrotting years. I think you're answering the question yourself if it's the same credit card. If you are going to sign up for the same credit card again make sure you ... for the same credit card more than once you ... twice for the Barclay Arrival Plus card. ... Can you use walmart money card to get a netflix subscription? The fact that they were "linked to existing accounts" was likely insomuch as the same credit card was used for both accounts, which I believe Netflix allows as long as you aren't trying to get a free trial on the additional accounts. The contactless trick to save money on the tube ... that means you won't pay more than a weekly travelcard. I signed up for Netflix using a Pay as You Go Credit card....but haven't loaded it in a while as I DON"T use it....so I thought. i have a xbox 360 and i want netflix but i dont have a credit card i ... the same thing if you want netflix ... You. ... type in your new credit card number and check it twice! Email can be fake, but your payment method is harder. If you have an account listed twice, ... knowledge and experience of everyone in the Credit Karma community can help you. So i have one debit card and i want free trials for like netflix or gamefly. Cancel online anytime. If you find yourself with double debits for the same ... What Shows Up on a Credit Card Bill? So, I've previously made a Netflix earlier this year, but had to cancel it because my one month free was ending and I no longer had time to use it. Clearly the same thing had happened to them. But would I still get a one month free or will my card be charged?