Think the whole future employers checking your social media accounts thing is just an annoying urban legend? Think again. Luckily, your social media profiles are easier to clean up than any criminal history you may have. By viewing your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, LinkedIn page, or Flickr photostream as extensions of your resume and your job application, you can build them into resources that posit you as the perfect employee rather than gambits that shatter According to Jobvites 2014 Social Recruiting Survey results, 93 percent of recruiters will review a candidates social media profile before making a hiring decision. Fortunately, at least one expert said, most people are beginning to realize that they should keep their wildly outrageous social media So should you even bother conducting a social-media sweep as you prepare to look for a new job? Yes. But a focused approach is necessary. Inklyo explains how to perform a social media cleanup before a job search to ensure that you are presenting your best face to potential employers. Here's how to clean it up and get on the path to job search success! How To Land A Job Interview: 10 Tips For Millennials - pg.1. Looking for a Job? First, Clean Up Your Social Media Presence. Before applying for a position, you should conduct a social media cleanse. Here are five ways to clean up your social media image: 1. Conduct a Google search of yourself. You may recall an episode of How I Met Your Mother where one of the lead characters, Marshall, returned to the job market. Job seekers should put as much effort into creating a positive social media image as they do crafting their resum. It's standard procedure for hiring managers to check out your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, so police them carefully. Whether youre job searching or have a pending friend request from your boss, its a good idea to clean up your social media profiles every once in a while. With 60pc of recruiters screening job applicants via social media, how do you make sure your online presence is squeaky clean? 5 Ways for Job-Seeking Millennials to Clean Up Their Social Media Profiles Today By Megan Shuffleton As members of the infamous Millennial Generation, a lot of us are users of social media websites. Job seekers should avoid posting inappropriate content in the first place. If youre cleaning up your social media profile, its a good time to set some ground rules, says Scott Brown, chief technology officer of Kronovia, a Danville, Calif., company that helps brands manage their online reputations. Avoid oversharing, Brown says. Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Social media marketing has certainly come a long way and across various platforms. Have you committed any social media blunders on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, or other social media sites? You probably have spammed someone once. How to Behave Professionally on Social Media. Once upon a time, a well articulated resume and interview were enough to land you the job. Disclaimer: This guide is satirical. Understand the Enemy. The first thing you have to know to get your man to clean up after himself, is Man. Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Salesforce and Walmart flex muscle in the new Advanced Energy Economy trade group. And engage they did, according to Flite, the media and technology company that produced the ad. Odds are someone is searching the web for you right now, or at least has looked you up fairly recently. Do you know what they learned? Employers Post Jobs & Find Talent. Find Jobs . ... A growing number of services can help you manage or clean up your online reputation. ... Find us on social media: You dont know how to clean up your social media profiles during your job search? Seriously? You know employers utilize social media to check out applicants? Cleaning Up Your Social Media: ... 10 Ways Customer Service Jobs Prepare You for the Professional World. ... College Magazine is the national daily guide to campus life. Que Video: How to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles Before Applying for Jobs or to College. By Jason R. Rich; Jun 27, 2014 8 Steps to Your Pre-Interview Social Media Clean Up. ... and less qualified for most jobs. Clean up your pages Social-media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, appear high in search results, so opt for the highest privacy settings on these networks. Media Services. When you're job-hunting, social media can be a Number of Employers Passing on Applicants Due to Social Media Posts Continues to Rise, According to New CareerBuilder Survey