Either the cable is broken or disconnected from the latch. Oh, yeah, it stings, but at least the hood pops open. ... open a car hood with a broken remote latch? What to Do When Your Car Hood Wont Open. I hope you know a contortionist as here's what you have to do (unless you want to cut a hole in your hood): Reach from underneath of the car up to where the mechanism is. ... What to Do If Your Hood Release Is Broken. ... it's not a good idea to daily drive a car without a hood latch. My son's 2007 Honda Civic coupe hood won't open. How to Open a 1989 Corvette Car Hood If the Latch Is Broken? If you have ever needed to get your car hood open to add fluids or for a ... How to Open a Broken Car Hood. You may have to hit the hood rather sharply with your hands several times, but unless the cable is broken, it will work. How do you open the hood of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport if the release ... release latch to open the hood ... hood when the release cable is broken? You're right; eventually, the cable will stretch or break, and you'll just have to sell the car. Older models open by releasing the latch under the hood. Of course, I jest. Because I have to go on long drive with my car and haven't ... the hood latch. how to open the hood when the latch is broken - Mercedes-Benz 1992 190 question Once you get the hood open, spray the latch with lithium grease (available at any parts store) and you should have no more problems! There's no resistance when pulling the hood release. The hood latch on any car is used to connect the hood release cable to the hood locking mechanism. Corrosion and dirt have made this hood latch difficult to operate. How to Open a Hood When the Latch Is Broken: by JulianCT in Cars: Most cars have a cable on the driver's side that, when pulled, will release the latch on the front hood of the car. I have a 98 ford explorer and I pull the the hood latch and it does not open ... to open a broken hood latch? Tip: The release latch usually has a picture of a car with a open hood on it. How to Check Your Vehicles Oil Level. Related Book. ! ... to open your car's hood could be broken. How to Open a 1989 Corvette Car Hood If the Latch Is Broken? The cable release level inside the car doesn't seem to release the latch. Youll need to search for a lever at the front Then got to the cable and pulled with pliers to no avail. While trying to gain access to the Pulled the hood latch to find it was just loose. ... latch and pop open the hood. It usually takes two people to open a car hood with a broken latch. How to Open the Hood on the Mini Cooper. i have tried using pilars to pull on the - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic ... How to Raise Your Vehicles Hood. Don't worry if you can't get your mini cooper's hood open. My hood latch on the inside of my car won't open my hood and I need to know how to open it another way with having to - Answered by a verified Mercury Mechanic how do i open the hood from outside when cable is broken ? So after dealing with my HID installation issue a few hours ago, I ran into what could turn out to be a HUGE issue. Open a Locked Car Door. Do you need a hood latch to drive? A broken hood release ... JDM Universal Racing Car Plus Flush Hood Latch Home > Troubleshooting > Mercedes-Benz Hood Stuck Problems, Tips, Tricks and SOLUTION. Fixing Hood And Trunk Latches. it no longer pops the hood open. Actually, this is a common complaint, and it's almost always caused by a dirty, under-lubricated or rusty hood-latch mechanism. Through the Grill Look through the grill and locate the hood locking mechanism. I love the car but I've already had a problem trying to open the hood. The latch under the hood ... open a car hood with a broken remote latch? The hood latch/hood latch cable is broken. How Often Should You Change Your Oil? You'll be able to find the cable there, tug firmly and the hood will pop loose, so you can open it via the hood latch. how do i open the hood on car when cable or latch is broken - hood will not open when i pull the inside lever .how do i open to repair it. It will be in the middle of the car, directly under the front of the hood. BMW E39 5-Series Emergency Hood Open ... a pair of Vise-Grip pliers if the cable has just broken inside the car near ... the hood to the secondary latch. I have a 98 ford explorer and I pull the the hood latch and it does not open ... to open a broken hood latch? How to Open a Stuck Car Hood. Many people head to a car repair shop with the complaint that their car hood won't open. [Archive] How do I open my hood without using the inside primary latch General How do I open the hood without the latch? - cable from inside truck is broken-how do i open hood from outside ? Question: I have a 1986 Toyota Camry with a hood that won't open. Step 2: Look for a release latch outside of the car. how to open hood with broken latch I have a 2002 BMW 525i, the hood latch is broken I assume, when I pull the lever - BMW 2002 5 Series question Mercedes-Benz Hood Stuck ... how to open car hood if latch is broken When the hood won't open, it can mean either the cable leading to the latch is broken or that the actual latch assembly is not working. Start by opening the hood--somehow. ... there is a way to open a car hood when the release mechanism is broken.