My light switch make a loud noise when used slowly; does it need to be replaced / fixed? Last night I turned off my Decora switch in the dark and i saw the switch light up with a spark inside. Why did my circuit blow after replacing a switch? It's not suppose to sizzle, you need a new light switch! 3. 3-Way Dimmer Switch Sparked and Lights Won't Turn On ... (like a switch being turned on and off) ... Light switch sparked? Turning lights on trips circuit breaker ... the breaker tripped when she turned on a light switch. Fluorescent Lights Complex, But Problems ... switch is turned off. The fan stopped working when the switch on the wall was pushed to shut off the light. I tried to turn the light back on and it wouldn't work. This guide is about troubleshooting electrical circuit problems. I shut my hallway light off (basic ceiling fixture) and the switch gave off a huge spark. 3. ! ... making sense of a confusing light switch box. Turned the mains electric back on, and turned the light switch on. ... making sense of a confusing light switch box. A friend of mine installed these so I know Should their be a spark inside a light switch when it's turned on? Under this condition is it correct to assume that the problem lies at the swich or between the switch and the light. ... Flip the switch and breaker trips, cause is? I turned on the light/fan in my bedroom, the lightswitch sparked and the lights on the fan went out, - Answered by a verified Electrician The switch sparked and the light would not work. Hi all, I just fitted a new wall light in a downstairs bathroom. I have a house and when the light switches are turned on the switch will snap and spark. Its not that you flip the switch too fast and that contact is made any faster when you do flip it forcefully. There was a spark from one of the lights and then nothing. It might start a fire! i flicked the switch up to turn on the ceiling light in my closet and it sparked and turned If the light switch or the outlet ... into the new plugs and tied also into a new light switch. ... Light switch sparks?? Open (goto, GOTO, GO TO or other case combinations, depending on the programming language) is a statement found in many computer programming languages. I turned off a light and the light sparked and the entire circuit went out-the circuit breaker is ok-but no lights work - Answered by a verified Electrician In an existing home, I went to turn on a light switch. The one I just turned off, is a light switch that controls power to a socket on the outside of the house. Warning Signs of Defective Wall Switches Share Pin ... Often your fingers are the best detectors of a faulty light switch. The Challenger crew on that Jan 28, 1986 morning was a PC dream team. Hours before going out of town for the weekend, my wife noticed a light switch in our kitchen that was VERY hot and sparked when she turned it on. Hi. Light bulb sparked when i turned it on? - Wall switch sparked when i turned it on device stopped ... - Light switch sparks when turned on after installing new ceiling fan. The incandescent bulb is made with a fine tungsten filament. Can a wall light switch go bad? The dehumidifier was also on when I turned the switch on. Household Switches and Bulbs FAQs ... Why is my light, switch, ... but not at the other when the switch is turned to ON, the switch is bad. My light switch make a loud noise when used slowly; does it need to be replaced / fixed?