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About Jen

Hello! I'm Jenny

I am a feisty and pragmatic Brighton mum, passionate about science, sleep and female autonomy. 

I birthed and raised two (wonderful) babies in very stressful circumstances; working full time in a high pressure job with absolutely no maternity leave. It was imperative that I got a good night's sleep so I learned and relied on a set of rules to survive. Over time I researched the science behind the techniques and tweaked the routines to suit my and my childrens' specific needs. I can teach you to do exactly the same. 

I see far too many brilliant women suffering the effects of sleep deprivation and far too many chronically overtired children. I am passionate about making positive changes that benefit families enormously. 

Baby sleep advice is a minefield. There is SO much conflicting information, a million books to wade through and countless arguments can be had about best practice. But we’re all essentially looking for the same things (I hope) in priority order:

  • The safest environment possible for our baby. 
  • A happy baby who doesn't cry and feels safe, secure and attached.
  • A good night's sleep!

My techniques will help you achieve all three. 

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About The Course

My sleep course is designed to be cheap, social and effective. You will save (potentially) hundreds of pounds, teach your baby to sleep through the night AND make new friends at the same time.   

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