Brighton Baby Sleep Course

Take the pressure, expense and worry out of sleep training with my unique baby sleep course.

This is a new thing. It's sleep consultancy but not as you know it. Firstly my baby sleep course is really cheap (you will not find sleep consultancy at this low price anywhere else). Secondly it's designed to be social (I will get you interacting and you will make new friends). Thirdly? I am passionate about ensuring it works for you. That means listening and understanding your baby's sleep struggles and giving you real, practical things to do to improve the situation dramatically. Although you and your fellow classmates will support each other this is not just an emotional support group. I am NOT going to tell you that sleep deprivation is normal and therefore ok. I am committed to teaching you techniques that work so you and your baby can finally get some rest.   

Come back with your feedback and progress report each week and I will advise you further, giving you a thorough understanding of your child's sleep requirements and the very best opportunity to sleep through. (I will also provide you with tools to ensure the training stays in place and doesn't fall apart as your child develops).

The first baby sleep class is absolutely free. Come along and see if it's for you! If you like what you hear and want to do more the following 3 classes are just £16.67 each.  (It is a one-off payment of £50). 

The course is for babies and children from birth to 30 months. (Wherever possible I group children of the same age together). Each class lasts an hour. The classes are a mixture of learning, group activities and individual consultancy tailored to your specific child's needs. 

The classes are held downstairs at Starfish & Coffee on Egremont Place. The cafe serves up some of the best brunch in Brighton and I encourage you to indulge while the class takes place. 

Babies and children welcome. Book here

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