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 "It's just a phase!" doesn't help "solidarity!" doesn't help. These things are said with the best intentions but what you and your baby really need is SLEEP. I'll help you get it. 

Like it or not routines are key to a good night's sleep. They are also the key to freedom, and fun. 

When babies are well rested they are happier. They are also happier when they know what to expect out of a day. Not so different to us adults, hey?  And yet so much modern advice flies in the face of this simple and very obvious truth. 

I teach routines that babies and children LOVE. They minimise crying, maximise comfort and promote safety above all else. Best of all? They afford the parent eight blissful hours sleep every night. 

Contented baby playing with rattle

Contented baby playing with rattle

The problem with most published sleep routines is that they don’t consider individual children’s needs and they don’t account for when things go off piste- which they do - regularly!  Parents who try them often lose faith very quickly and give up. 

I will help you establish a routine that works for you and your family, and coach you through those early rocky periods so you know exactly when to be firm and when to be flexible without tearing your hair out because your baby doesn’t fit into a ‘box’. 

How much sleep you get depends very much on YOU. Your commitment to the routine and belief in the system is key. Book a Free Class or Consultation. You can also read my (increasing) testimonials here

Baby sleeping soundly in cot

Baby sleeping soundly in cot

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