I've had literally hundreds of happy clients :)


She saved my life sleep-wise! I was losing my mind on such broken fragments of sleep. It was such a relief to be part of a group all suffering equally in varied ways and to journey together to all get our sanity back. Jen was really supportive and her program helped so much - I just couldn't see the wood for the trees before and she gave me the bigger picture which I really needed to make better choices at 3am when my brain isn't functioning at all!


We were at the end of our tether with sleep deprivation. Our daughter was waking every hour for feeds all night and regularly taking longer than an hour to get to sleep in the evening and at naps. As a couple we were arguing and our house was a mess because we were too tired to do anything other than look after our daughter.

I felt added pressure to improve the situation because I work shifts and had might shifts looming.

Jen set out clear instructions and gave evidence supported reasons for them. the 5 weeks course gave manageable steps each week. Lina has gone from a co-"sleeping" breast-fiend who would cry during settles despite all our cuddles to a bottle accepting, self soother who sleeps in a cot, wakes once over night and doesn't often cry before going to sleep anymore. It's not been a linear process but the improvements in Lina's sleep were seen so quickly and the step by step changes made it manageable. Jen is extremely supportive and I highly reccomend use of the support Facebook page where she is always on hand to answer specific questions .

Me and my husband are so grateful to Jen for her help and guidance in helping Lina get the sleep she needs. We have our evenings back and our relationship is much better for it. Life has become manageable again and my previously nightime lazy husband has easily been able to care for Lina while I work over night because the routine is so effective and they both sleep so well.

Alice B

This course is fantastic! To be totally honest, before I went on it I was really sceptical about baby sleep improving and just thought it was a case of “waiting it out” and letting him grow out of it. However after a month of really truly terrible sleep at 8 months I was happy to try anything! As Jen says, she has read all the books, and really just helps clarify things for you in what is such a bewildering field that can be impossible to approach sensibly when sleep-deprived.

I am a total convert! “The routine” set out by Jen is easy to follow and makes total sense, and since beginning we have all had so much more sleep. My baby is now sleeping reliably at night in long chunks, and although not quite through the night yet, I now know the next steps to achieve this... I am so much more well rested, and we are altogether a happier family!

Jen gives individual support which is empowering and super helpful in a space that feels non-judgemental and supportive. The group was a nice chance to catch up with other mums and babes and all the resources to take home were simple and super easy to follow even when it was 3am!

Thanks so much Jen- you are our hero! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


I was another sceptical participant here! Especially with twins, I thought it inevitable that they weren’t going to sleep at the same time and sleep deprivation was part of the deal of motherhood.

I hate the term “sleep training”: it sounds so harsh. Jen hasn’t trained my babies; she’s taught me how to allow them to learn to sleep.

What I liked about the course us that it’s flexible - you can take away the info and do it at your own pace. Also you get to choose your approach and only do things that you’re comfortable with. And the personalised feedback each week is brilliant. Jen’s a dedicated, friendly and flexible teacher and the classes have been fun. And the coffee’s great too. 😊

My twins have been napping at the same time and sleeping through the night. They’re happy babies and I’m a more effective and happier mum because I sleep too. I hope it lasts - and if it doesn’t, I have the tools to get back on track.



Thank goodness for Sleep Through Jen!

I have spent the last 6 months struggling through life with the maximum of 1.5 hours of sleep in a row and walking hours a day to nap my son in a sling. i have been utterly exhausted ,teary ,angry and to be honest mentally loosing it.Totally lost the lust for life.

When Jen said she could help i just laughed,the impossible I thought.

First night into my chosen settling method i slept 6 hours straight in bed alone! All naps in the day in the COT! I couldn't and still can't believe it.We are only 5 days in and my son can self settle in under 5mins in the night!

If you follow Jen's daily routine and the settling method it works!

My family and I can't thank Jen enough for giving me my life back.xx


I am so glad I am doing Jen’s course and feel deep gratitude to her. Within a very short time (a few days) my baby was napping reliably and regularly in his own space -cot or pram. Before that he would only sleep in the sling.

Even better, though I am only part way through the course, my four and a half month old baby is already sleeping through the night, waking at 7am!

It is not a linear process, nor is it always easy, but Jen has been there to offer non-judgemental advice at every step.

Jen offers a lot of emotional support as well as practical, evidence based solutions to help you and your baby get the sleep you need.

I feel a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I know that even if there are set-backs in the future (like illness), I will have the tools to get back on track. Thanks Jen!

Katy S

My baby sleeps through the night! I'm so happy, thank you so much Jenny. But even if he wasnt sleeping I would still recommend this group. It's so great to meet people just as sleep deprived and have the facebook group to voice your worries, concerns, and sleep failures and successes and to hear everyone else's! Jenny is so lovely and supportive and the group is such a great price to get your nights sleep (and therefore sanity!) back. we are still working on day naps but at least I now know what to aim for and what is possible. Thank you Jenny!

Alice M

I love this course, highly recommend it, after a couple of weeks implementing Jenny’s advice and routine and my chosen settling techniques from the options she gave, in the last week my 6month old has slept through the night every night, is getting herself back to sleep after waking in the early morning and is napping in her cot.. all things that a few weeks ago felt impossible and I was extremely sceptical about resolving so quickly. I’m certain there will be bumps along the way, but I know how to resolve them now. I like that Jenny provides different options for sleep training that work for you-while the last few weeks have been pretty repetitive and intense, I didn’t have to leave my baby to cry or leave her alone which was really important to me. The final challenge is trying to extend her naps and while we are not there yet I feel as though Jenny has given me the tools I need to make this happen.


I didn't ever think that Albert would sleep. I figured it might happen with time and lacked the confidence and brain function to try to tackle the problem. 11 months in and we decided we needed some help! The format is good as Jen gives you clear guidance each week, so it's not too overwhelming. Albert's sleeping pattern has dramatically changed. The biggest thing is that he now sleeps through the night, and I didn't realise how tired I was until I started to get a few nights solid kip! Goodbye zombie mama, hello mama who has energy to play and smile! Albert is also a happier boy since he's been getting more sleep. Jen is very patient and on hand for questions. I also liked that she explains a variety of different techniques so that you can start with one that suits you. Definitely recommend this course!


This course has helped me so much! I was really sceptical and almost didn’t join up after the taster but I’m so glad I did. We have gone from baby totally dependent on me, unable to settle for anyone else, even her dad, feeding to sleep every couple of hours or more. She now quickly settles at bedtime and has even slept all the way through to 6.30am with just a dream feed! It has taken dedication on our part but Jen’s handholding gave me the confidence to keep going and I know I would have caved on my own! Thank you Jen!


I would recommend this course to anyone struggling with sleep. I was at my wits end when my son was waking hourly for weeks on end and feeding all night long and now he is self settling himself back to sleep and giving me 4/5 hours at a time! No more night feeding either. His sleep has totally changed. It’s all thanks to Jen’s clear, considered approach and personalised support. The course is structured really well, taking things slowly in small chunks - much easier when you are sleep deprived! Having Jen in your corner, cheering you on is truly invaluable and a million times better than trying to figure things out on your own. Am so glad I discovered this course! 


So glad I took part in this course, Jen is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things sleep and I’ve found her routine guideline super helpful. Although we’re yet to implement everything, I feel more confident with recognising my daughters sleepy cues and am armed with the knowledge to apply things gradually. It’s also been so reassuring to meet other mums experiencing similar issues. Oh and not to forget the DELICIOUS almond croissant on sale at the cafe! Thank you Jen, highly recommend the course to anyone whose baby needs even the slightest support with getting into a good feeding/sleeping routine and assistance in self settling (a big issue for us before we started!)


Jen’s course is really supportive and encouraging. She breaks down the existing information on sleep (and there’s a lot out there!) in a way that actually makes it possible to follow through with. Had I read about lots of these ‘sleep training’ methods before? Yes. Had I followed through? Apparently not because I was up for hours in the night, yet 4 weeks until Jen’s course and my toddler is sleeping through the night! The Facebook group is really useful, you get one on one information and support, and the cafe is also very nice. It’s been a great place to meet other parents. This is one of the more affordable options out there and I would really recommend it.


I really recommend this course! Not having a spare moment to read a sleep book, I massively appreciate that Jen has read everything out there and teaches in clear, concise classes, allowing you to pick the settling style to suit you. The support group and personalised sleep diary support is also really invaluable. We have had some real breakthroughs, and Maya can now put herself to sleep in the cot within a couple of minutes! (Unheard of!) She can sleep really good chunks of the night too. Some things are still a work in progress, but we are all getting soooo much sleep than before we started, and the course isn't yet finished. Maya loves the toys so has been really happy at the class, and the other mums, the cafe & coffee have all been great too - thanks Jen! Just knowing you are there with me on this journey makes it all seem much more do-able! 


I highly recommend Jen and her course!

She’s been such a great support in the last weeks and even though my little one is not sleeping through yet we see already huge improvements. From several wakings every night we’re down to one, which moves closer to the morning slowly. I’ve managed to wean my son of the night feeds which is such a relief (he’s a year now).

My son is also able to self settle which is a huge achievement for him.

Jen's routine is easy to follow which is great!

It takes some commitment but the long stretches of sleep are totally worse it. Thank you Jen 

Claire H

Jen was really great, being a 2nd time Mum you would think I wouldn’t have fallen into ‘bad’ sleep habits! Yeah right! Jen was able to give me all the relevant information in an easily digestible fashion (for a sleep deprived brain) so I could make informed decisions to suit myself and our family! She’s really supportive and gave me the confidence to tackle ‘sleep training’ so we could all feel a bit more balanced (and rested)! 


Absolutely recommend Jen’s support and have already with a few friends. What I appreciate with her course is that she lays out all of the strategies to implement the routines that will get your baby to sleep and she’s right there with you along the way with whatever technique you choose to do. I haven’t dived into the settling just yet but will do so soon but have already seen such improvement in my son’s naps and daytime routine.  

Katie F

I had so much energy yesterday! I flew through my yoga class, ran around the park with *** (going on the climbing frames like old times) I even decided at 5:30 to scrub down the front patio!!! This is all because of you and the extra zzzz your plan has given me 💪💪💪

Quietly celebrating our third night in a row 🙌🙌🙌  .


Would definitely recommend this course, Jenny is really supportive and gives lots of information in a really clear digestible way which was needed after 9month of very broken sleep!. Both the group sessions and the support available in between has been invaluable. Felt really supported to find a way that works for us to address some of the on going difficulties getting my 9 month old daughter into her own room and moving forward from feeding her to sleep many many times every night! Thanks Jenny for all your help and support and saving me more hours of confusing google searching for solutions- brilliant course 😊  


This morning I have picked *** up at 7AM!!! Omg. Hurrah. This morning 9AM nap: I gave him clear signals is was nap time and he was already tired so after maybe 5 mins he is fast asleep. Amazing! I had such good night’s sleep last night. I’m so proud of him. It is only week two. All is going very well. X I went to bed at 9PM last night and *** did dreamfeed. I had 9 hrs in bed!!!! I cannot believe it. I had to check if *** is still breathing omg. I never felt that good since giving birth and he also is very alert and relaxed. x 


Jenny has been absolutely fantastic, she really knows her stuff and is so patient.

She has made me feel confident I am doing the right thing for my baby and myself, sleep is so important.

We only just implemented the sleeping techniques a few days ago and can already see improvements and changes. It’s amazing how quickly babies can adapt! My little girl is already a lot happier and more smiley, which is wonderful to see.

It’s hard, there is no denying that but so worth it and something that will keep improving with practice.

If you want more sleep and the support to go with it, Jenny is the lady to help. I’ve already been telling my friends about her and her wonderful clinic 😊

Lucy M

Doing Jen’s course has been a huge help for me and my 4 month old. He was screaming every night when trying to get him to bed, and I was walking up and down rocking him for hours which was killing my back. Sometimes I was in tears by the time he finally fell asleep.

There are so many books and so much information out there that it is so it was so hard to know where to begin.

Jenny’s course helps you break it down and implement changes one step at a time. She introduces you to a range of different settling techniques as well so you don’t have to leave your baby to cry if that method is not for you (though if you are at that stage, she will guide you through this too). You need to be ready and prepared to implement a routine with your baby for it to work.

My baby is now falling asleep in his cot within half an hour (5 minutes tonight) with me there with him, and has even slept through a couple of times. More work still to do on his naps and him going to sleep without me, but I have the tools from Jenny now to keep working on his sleep so we are both happy and better rested.

The course was relaxed and sociable and the babies enjoy it too as there are loads of mats and toys!

Thank you Jenny xx


I highly recommend this course! It's very informative and supportive, and very affordable compared to everything else we've seen out there. Plus, I feel like I've met really nice people going through the same/similar issues (both in the group sessions and the support group), as well as a nice baby-friendly coffee shop ;)
Jen is so supportive and gives you lots of information in a clear, digestable way (I also really liked her approach of giving you weekly to-do's to implement, rather than overwhelming you with lots of tasks). There is so much information on sleep out there, so it has been really helpful to get Jen's advice and also hear what has worked for other parents.
Our main issues were our daughter's self-settling for naps and her constant wakes to be breastfed at night. We are now down to one feed (yay!) and her self-settling has already improved a lot. Because of the course, we now feel a lot more confident and have a guideline on how to continue over the next few weeks/months.
Thanks Jen, for all your help and support! 

Claire O

Really glad I signed up to this course. Jenny gives clear advice which is the result of digesting mountains of information, and offers different settling approaches to suit your needs/inclinations. She recommends a daily nap routine which, though some might consider oldschool, seems to work well, and I enjoy the structure that it provides to the day.

It's best to start once you're happy to begin and for your baby to be sleeping in another room - I think I'd have waited until the next course if I'd realised this beforehand, so that I could receive the support while I was stuck in (my baby was only just 3 months so will implement the full technique a little later.) I am finishing the course much more confident about how to tackle things going forward! Thanks Jenny!


Jen’s course has been super helpful and I’ve already seen good improvements in my baby’s sleep habits. I’m taking it slowly in terms of implementing all of her recommendations, but I’m now armed with all the information I need to give it a proper go once my baby moves into her own room in the new year!

The course is really well thought out and structured. It provides a range of tactics and approaches to suit you and your baby.

Bonus points for a great location and plenty of baby entertainment!


Couldnt recommend Jen enough. If you need a clear and simple step by step process to support YOU and your baby to sleep better then Jens course is for you. She recognises that supporting you and your baby isnt a one size fits all approach all babies and parents are different and she accommodates for this. Thanks Jen xxx


I'm so glad we've done the Sleep Through Jen course. Jen has basically digested ALL the sleep books and breaks down all the useful bits of each that you need to know into her own well-structured (and very well-priced!) course. It's easy to follow over the 5 weeks, even with baby present! I really appreciated the group element for moral support, and if you complete a sleep diary you get personalised feedback too. I was a bit apprehensive as I wanted to avoid controlled crying, but Jen has six settling techniques to chose from, so you can tailor your approach to your own style. The recommended routine (based on baby's age) has also paid dividends for us. And the coffee at Starfish & Coffee is awesome too! Many thanks Jen.


I didn't know what to expect but Jen's course has really helped with my son's routine, night weaning and sleep. Jen has done all the reading so you don't have to if you don't want to/don't have time and she supports you to find the most suitable method to try at home. Even if you just want an introduction to the different methods before you decide I would definitely recommend this group.


Before I attended Jen's course I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of information on sleep there was out there. I had done my best to muster a routine of my own, but it was off and not working great, with a baby reliant on a dummy. Now, just a few weeks later, I feel much more confident about implementing settling techniques and have got my son off the dummy, self settling and his sleep is getting much much better for it.


The buggy couldn’t be any more different from that time you were here. Today the moment I put her lying backwards and gave her the comforter her eyes got heavy and she was asleep within the minute and for an hour and twenty! ...So much easier now there’s a bf schedule to leave the two of them.

Anna D

I recommend Jenny to you all! Myself, my husband P and our baby son T cannot thank her enough for what she had done for us. We read some many books and got some much ( conflicted ) information about babies but we knew nothing. Jenny approach is so straight forward and she guides you all the way through ( wont abandon you like other "specialists" to deal with their instructions on your own) and constantly asks for updates. No one ever spoke to us with such clarity. You are amazing Jenny. Thank you so much!!



I really don’t want to show off, but I’m just so relieved something finally worked and there is an actual bright light at the end (I hope it’s the end) of the tunnel.. he is actually happy laughing every morning because he had a good sleep, and if anything, he seems more confident and secure since stopping co-sleeping...  I seriously never thought we will ALL feel actually rested in the mornings. He slept 7-6, then again till 6.45!! Ecstatic is an understatement!! X


Great course, really useful content and Jen answers your questions with real examples and strategies. My little one is sleeping better, still working through but I would not have been able to get to this point without her. Its also held in a nice coffee shops, small group and likeminded people


Jen is brilliant at helping tackle sleep issues with little ones. I definitely recommend her course as it's affordable, informative and supportive. Sleep is invaluable to all parents! There's so much conflicting information out there, it is really helpful to talk through it with Jen and other Mums too.


 I decided to join the classes as I needed some guidance with routine and amount of sleep my little one needed.
Jen is very clear and it's great that she's done all the reading so you don't have to 😂
I found the routine really useful and it just took the guessing out of the day... was great to just be "oh this is the time she needs to go to sleep...oh she's asleep!"
We don't use a cot and I found I could still use alot of the tips and techniques and adapt it to our situation. It also gave me the confidence to share the sleep settling with my partner.
Thanks Jen! (Sorry we didn't go down the cot route😂) xx 

Poppy R

I highly recommend this course! It’s allowed my beautiful baby and me to get the sleep we so badly need. Jen presents a very wide range of techniques to help you and your baby and provides support every step of the way. It’s a complete bargain too!

Amy M

We have gained so much from this course. Ella was co-sleeping, waking every hour for a comfort feed and generally keeping me awake all night every night. She hasn’t slept in my bed at all since starting the course and is waking once or twice a night but is back asleep in her own cot within minutes! I have so much energy and it has made going back to work so much easier as I am not tired, cranky and irrational every day! I would highly recommend Jen to anyone in desperate need of some sleep. Everything is broken down in to manageable chunks and Jen is always on hand to answer questions and lend support. Thank you Jen x 


Just wanted to say another huge thank you for your help with X's sleep. The turnaround is absolutely unbelievable and I've never felt so grateful to anyone for their help!! I was a wreck when I turned up to the first class, the hourly wakings had taken their toll on me physically and emotionally and I couldn't look after X the way I wanted to. It was just about getting through the day by any means possible. I was getting upset, frustrated and angry and I wasn't even in the mood to play with X. The past few weeks have seen sleep improving for both of us and the fact that X slept through for the first time in h life feels incredible!! I'm back in my own bed with my husband for the first time since X was born. I feel like I have a little bit of my old life back. 

THANK YOU!!! xxx

Katie S

Cannot recommend Jenny enough! Total game changer for my family!!! Thank you Jenny for helping me with my little one xxx